Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vanilla Bean Cupcake with a Bailey's Chantilly Frosting

   Alright so i spent the day with my brother and he wanted me to bake some cupcakes for him :)! I ended up making two different frosting's for the same vanilla bean cake. First one being this extra light bailey's chantilly frosting. I found it absolutely delish! The cake is amazing, and i love how you can see all the little specs of vanilla in the batter,  It's stunning! My brother loved it, he found it taste like a vanilla milkshake. My other taste tester's found it so fluffy and delicate that it made them want to have a lot more. The only thing that could have been different was the bailey's flavor in the frosting. I will definitely be adding more bailey's next time! I think I'll add an extra two tablespoons or three :P into the cream. I want it to really taste like a martini!
I won't be posting the recipe for both frosting's, since it is my own recipe :P. But all you have to do is bake your favorite vanilla cupcake and top it off with a chantilly frosting which is basically like whipped cream frosting, and add just as much liquor in it as you wish haha ;)!

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